Book Review: A Dreadful Murder: The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard by Minette Walters

Wednesday 16 October 2013

A Dreadful Murder: The Mysterious Death of Caroline LuardA Dreadful Murder: The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard
Minette Walters
Genre(s): mystery, crime, historical fiction
Published: January 2013
Pages: 125
Rating: 3 stars

A body is found in the woods . . .
Based on the true story of the shocking murder of Mrs Caroline Luard, which took place in Kent in August 1908.

Caroline Luard is shot dead in broad daylight in the grounds of a large country estate. With few clues available, her husband soon becomes the suspect . . . But is he guilty?

For such a quick read, I enjoyed this book and wasn't left wanting more at the end.

Things were wrapped up nicely, even though the ending was left open for readers to puzzle over, but no doubt that's how the real murder case was left. No killer was found, so no conclusions could be made. The suspects and motives included in this were all plausible, and I found myself agreeing with the detectives on more than one occasion. The pacing was good, too. Things didn't happen so fast you couldn't fully understand them, which is nice because I find a lot of shorter books tend to be rushed and below average.

A Dreadful Murder was a very quick, very simple but overall very intriguing read.

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