Book Review: Wolverine: Season One by Ben Acker

Friday 11 July 2014

Wolverine: Season One
Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Salvador Espin
Genre(s): Graphic Novels, Comics, Superheroes
Published: June 25th 2013
Pages: 136
Rating: 4 stars

Discovered as a feral mutant prowling the wilds! Recruited as a covert operative by a secretive government agency! Destined to pursue a dream of peaceful coexistence between man and mutant! Witness the birth of the Wolverine as the man called Logan makes his journey from animalistic wildling to beloved X-Man. Including Logan's first blockbuster battle with the Hulk, as well as pivotal appearances by Sabretooth and Wendigo, this blood-splattered tale features a contemporary retelling of the Clawed Canuck's formative years!

I wasn't sure what I'd be getting into with Wolverine: Season One. Thankfully, I know about Wolverine and his mutation, and how he came to be 'Wolverine' and his involvement with the X-Men (in the films, at least) etc. I feel without a lot of that knowledge I'd have been left stranding, as this graphic novel wastes no time in jumping straight into things.

The story was interesting and I did like the majority of the characters. I didn't really care for the Hulk in this, but then I generally have no interest in him anyway. I did, however, like the Wendigo and how the fight with it led Wolverine to James and Heather.

The art was okay. I liked the colouring of things but I wasn't keen on how Wolverine himself was drawn. I understand that he was starting out more animal than man in this volume and I felt that the way he was drawn reflected that, but I didn't like the style, personally. Overall, though, there was talent in the art so I can't complain too much, and it didn't detract or put me off from the story.

That being said, I did like Wolverine as a character and the way he acted. I found it realistic, given the situation, and I just generally like him as a character anyway.

All in all, I did enjoy this first volume and will carry on with any more that follow it.

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