Book Review: Thor: The Dark World Prelude by Craig Kyle

Friday 13 March 2015

Thor: The Dark World Prelude
Craig Kyle
Genre(s): Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novel
Published: October 29th 2013
Pages: 120
Rating: 3 stars

One volume collecting the official adaptation of Marvel's Thor and an all-new adventure leading you directly into the upcoming Marvel Studios blockbuster THOR: THE DARK WORLD ! First, get introduced to the world of Asgard and witness the origin of Marvel's mightiest hero! Then, find out what happened to your favorite Asgardians between the events of THOR and MARVEL 'S THE AVENGERS. Featuring Thor, Loki, Odin, Heimdall, Jane Foster, Sif, The Warriors Three.

COLLECTING: Marvel's Thor Adaptation 1-2, Marvel's Thor: The Dark World Prelude 1-2, Thor: God Of Thunder 13

Going into this, I don't really know what I expected. I didn't really expect it to retell the Thor film, or include an out of place issue of Thor: God of Thunder. Luckily, I'd read the first three volumes of God of Thunder before this, so I understood what was happening, but I didn't really understand why it was included in this novel. I get that this is a prequel to The Dark World and Malekith is the villain of that film, but I just feel like you need to read the first 12 issues of God of Thunder before you're able to fully appreciate and understand the next arc of it.

But I digress. Overall, I enjoyed the artwork, and I especially enjoyed the colours. Drawing style is a big part of whether I enjoy graphic novels or not and I'm very glad it was good, as if it wasn't I feel like I would have rated this lower as I already know the basic plot line from the film. In some parts, I liked how lines were taken directly from the film, but in others I was left wishing for a bit more. It would have been nice if the cinematic universe had been expanded on in this volume. 

I did enjoy the actual prelude to The Dark World but I feel like the inclusion of retelling the film dragged it down a bit. I guess it was mostly included to pad the volume out, as it is very short. I'd say fans of the film who are new to comics would enjoy this most.

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