Book Review: The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

Friday 16 October 2015

The Masked Truth
Kelley Armstrong
Genre(s): Contemporary, Thriller, Young Adult
Published: October 13th 2015
Pages: 432
Rating: 5 stars

Riley Vasquez is haunted by the brutal murder of the couple she was babysitting for.

Max Cross is suffering under the shadow of a life-altering diagnosis he doesn’t dare reveal.

The last thing either of them wants is to spend a weekend away at a therapy camp alongside five other teens with “issues.” But that’s exactly where they are when three masked men burst in to take the group hostage.

The building has no windows. The exits are sealed shut. Their phones are gone. And their captors are on a killing spree.

Riley and Max know that if they can’t get out, they’ll be next—but they’re about to discover that even escape doesn’t equal freedom.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through the Atom review scheme. This in no way influenced my thoughts. 

Riley Vasquez, the girl who witnessed a double murder, has been sent to a therapy weekend to help her anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Or at least that was the idea… She’s barely introduced herself before all hell breaks loose.

Riley was an instantly intriguing character. The fencing daughter of a dead cop, she has a logical, no nonsense attitude. Well, she did until she experienced the trauma that turned her into a timid little mouse, a fact which she hates. I took a liking to her within a few pages, and from her introduction and the description of the incident I thought she was realistic and well rounded.

There was also quite a range within the supporting characters: Brienne, Max, Aaron, Maria, and all the others. I liked it as everyone had a sense of themselves and no one felt like a copy of someone else. Max and Riley made an excellent team as they evaded their captors, and both felt as if a lot of research had gone into creating them – especially when it came to their diagnoses. I especially enjoyed learning about Max’s past in his chapters, which were written in a totally different way to anything else I’ve read.

The mystery and uncertainty surrounding what actually happened in the warehouse was thrilling. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t see where any of the twists and turns were leading. As soon as you learnt one thing you were lead in the opposite direction.

Kelley Armstrong managed to weave a thrilling tale full of lies and deceit and unreliability, yet still give her characters the ending they deserved. A truly stunning read that everyone should pick up. 

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