Book Review: The Night is Darkening Round Me by Emily Brontë

Friday 14 August 2015

The Night is Darkening Round Me
Emily Brontë
Genre(s):  Classics, Poetry
Published: February 26th 2015
Pages: 64
Rating: stars

Some of Emily Brontë's most extraordinary poems. 

I think it is entirely safe and fair to say that I am not a fan of poetry. Especially not flowery verse that I have to search for a meaning in. I like prose. I love straightforward prose. I do not enjoy poems.

I'll hand it to Brontë, the rhythm and flow she managed to create throughout her poems was nice. I liked how things weren't choppy as I was reading them, and the rhyme schemes she chose always seemed to work.What I couldn't get on with, however, was the constant imagery and metaphors I had to figure out. When I read, I do so for enjoyment. Not because I want to work out a puzzle. It got to the point where I would read a poem, not understand what it was trying to say, then move on to the next one. Perhaps that is why I didn't enjoy this little collection.

I've never read any work by any of the Brontës, and if this is the standard of it, I don't think I'll delve any deeper into it. Just not my cup of tea.

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