Dead Over Heels by Theresa Braun

Monday 6 February 2017

Dead Over Heels
Theresa Braun
Genre(s): Horror, Paranormal, Romance
Published: November 16th 2016
Pages: 38
Rating: 4 stars

Veronica’s first date with Sebastian not only stirs up a powerful attraction, but also a series of supernatural events that will tear them apart. 

After countless hours of dead end online dating, Veronica meets up with Sebastian at a reportedly haunted restaurant, since he knows she has a fascination with the paranormal. While enjoying their meals and each other’s company, they share a shocking supernatural experience. Their romantic connection is overshadowed by the ghosts of their own pasts that threaten to destroy their budding relationship. Veronica decides she must return to the restaurant to face her past and dig up more answers. Unfortunately, she realizes she must go back, this time with a reluctant Sebastian. In the end, they join forces against the evil that stands between them, but will they make it out alive?

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my thoughts.

Dead Over Heels opens with our main character, Veronica, and her boyfriend, Sebastian, in trouble. What kind of trouble we don't know, but there's blood... For such a short read - seriously, this is only 38 pages - it sure does pack a punch. The ending, especially, will leave you reeling.

The style of it is chatty and informal but it doesn't come across as immature or poorly written at all. In fact, I think this helps the story along, as it feels like Veronica is replaying and relating the series of events that led her to be sitting in a police station. The descriptions are nicely done and give a good sense of the setting, without being too long and unnecessary. Overall, it's a nice blend of formal prose and a more personal narration.

There's plenty of supernatural and mystical elements throughout - we start off with Wicca, magic, and reiki and end with ghosts and violence - but there's also more normal things, mainly dating. Again, it's a nice blend and feels very natural.

Veronica is hopeful and on the hunt for love, but she isn't stupid. She knows that the candles she's made to help her find the one might not work, and she doesn't accept Sebastian's weak excuses for being late to their first date. As the story is told in first person, we don't get too many details about Sebastian. But from how Veronica sees him we can guess that he's a nice guy - interested in ghosts and more spiritual things and with some trauma in his past, but nice.

It's hard to say much more, as it's far too easy to spoil this little gem. What will say, though, is if you're a fan of paranormal, romance, horror, or any combination of the three you should definitely think about giving this a go.

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