Bookmarks and Blogging is home to most all things bookish. Well, mainly reviews, discussions, and TBR features, with the odd personal post on the side. Posts are published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - or at least that's the aim.

The blogger, otherwise known as Charlotte, is a 21 year old Clinical Psychology undergrad student in her first year of university. Other interests include dabbling in photography, films and television, bullet journaling, and fish keeping. (She's also a Book Depository affiliate so any purchases made through this link will help earn a small commission.)

The majority of books that are read, reviewed and featured on this blog are young adult, although the odd adult title may appear every now and again. Genres include but are not strictly limited to: fantasy, historical fiction, horror, paranormal and supernatural, dystopian, and contemporary. Fantasy and horror being the favoured genres of the bunch.


  1. Hello Khaleesi,
    How about writing something about real, physical bookmarks? They could be bookish enough to fit this blog, I guess. Or, a review of the website of our new community: International Friends of Bookmarks (IFOB)? Maybe you discover there something worth reporting about to your readers. Have a look here: www.ifobookmarks.org
    I'll be glad to hear from you anyway if you care.
    Best wishes,
    Asim Maner
    webmaster (IFOB & Mirage Bookmark websites)

    1. I've been thinking of doing a post featuring bookmarks, so I'll see what I can come up with!


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