Bookish Pet Peeves

Friday 28 March 2014

Let's be honest: we all have pet peeves. 

Some of us have more than others and some things get under our skin more than is strictly normal. But that's okay; it's natural. Or something like that... 

I know I certainly have lots - especially when it comes to books - and I thought I'd share my top five with you to see if anyone feels the same way. And, you know, to have a bit of a rant because that's always good.

  1. Broken spines. There is literally nothing worse than a book with a creased and bent spine. I like my books to look pristine and new, no matter how many times they've been read. Spines in bad condition just do not bear thinking about. I actually grimace when I see the beaten up books on my shelves.

  2. Oddly sized books. You have your short hardbacks and your tall hardbacks, your short paperbacks and your tall paperbacks. But then you also have your paperbacks that stick out further on the shelf, paperbacks that sit too far back on the shelf, mass market paperbacks that are too short and too shallow, paperbacks that are too tall and too deep, paperbacks that won't fit in the gap you've made for them and make you tear your hair out... You get the idea.

  3. Hardbacks with no dust covers. I know I take the covers off to read (do not get me started on using the flaps as a bookmark... just... don't) but I do like them because they make books look nice, especially on shelves.

  4. Insta-love. This is probably my biggest content related peeve. Just why would you include insta-love? I can't think of any reasons why you would because it's always so bad and clich√©. And, sadly, it's all too common in young adult these days.

  5. Cover changes. Sometimes, this can be a good thing. Like when the old covers are ugly, or when you haven't started collecting the series already. But when you have the first few books in a series in one cover, but are then forced to buy the remaining books in a different style...
So, these are my top five bookish pet peeves. I do have a bunch more, but this are the ones that really make me tick and that I could go on and on about (but I won't, don't worry). Let me know what your biggest annoyances are and whether we share any of the same ones!


  1. Cover Changes are horrible!!!! I hate it and it's happened to me more than I would have liked :/ First with the VA series, they had the normal black ones then boom!!! new red covers for the last books release. I had to send to America to get the black cover version on the book!! And HON aswell, they had all black covers going along and now they've changed to orange and blue???
    The oddly sized books get at me too but not so much :P My TMI series is horrific!! :P I have the first 2 books of the first covers as normal pb's, the 3rd one, the new cover as normal pb, the 4th as a hb and the 5th as a tall pb, I don't know what the 6th one will be :P

    1. The HON cover changes really bugged me because I have the first 9 books all in the nice black ones, but then I had to buy then 10th one in this horrible orange one that looks too bright and cheerful for the story. :/
      Oh gosh! I'd hate to have a series all different sizes and covers! It's bad enough having a lot of really short Stephen King books making my shelf look weird!


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