June Faves

Friday 29 June 2018

What have I been loving at the mid-point of 2018?

The Outsider
The King is back with his latest book! After the disappointment that was Sleeping Beauties I was hesitant to jump into The Outsider, but the premise sounded so good and I can happily say that it's a really good read. A tad confusing at times, as the case being solved in it is a confusing one, but it's just so gripping. His thrillers are definitely softer compared to his horrors, but it's a pleasant change of direction and this is still full of action and gore. And if you liked the Bill Hodges trilogy you need to give this a read, as an old favourite makes an appearance.

Game of Thrones
Now, Game of Thrones has been a favourite since I first read the books and started watching the show way back in 2013, but June was when I really rediscovered it. I finally caved and re-read the first book after ages of wanting to get to it again and I am beyond glad that I did. I also started re-watching the show (from season three onwards, as I'm so familiar with the first two and have only seen the later seasons once because they are... both bad and problematic, in my opinion) and all the feelings I had the first time came rushing back. I just absolutely adore the world of Westeros and could go on about it for hours, so I'll spare you.

Cat cafes
In June I finally visited a cat cafe! It's been something I've wanted to do since learning about them, but have never had the chance as they all seem to be far away from me. But then I discovered that one of my local cities has one and I jumped at the chance to go. And then go again, and once more for good measure. Three visits in one month isn't enough, if you ask me, because cats are the most precious creatures to ever grace the planet. You can guarantee I'll be visiting my local one again, as well as any that are close to my friends, because cats and friends? Yes please.

For as long as I can remember, my nan has cross-stitched. Her house is full of beautiful pieces hanging on the walls, and it seems that she's never far from some kind of crafting material - be it embroidery skills or wool. She's a creative person, but this gene seemed to skip both mum and I until now. For a few months, I've had this urge to just make something, and I finally got the chance in May when I purchased a few beginners cross-stitch kits. I've been slowly working my way through the second, larger design throughout June and I am loving it. I don't have to worry about my lack of artistic talent and seeing it get closer and closer to completion is one of the most satisfying things. I'll definitely be continuing with this hobby.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
June also saw me (impulsively) buy a PS4 and a bunch of games. As if I needed another way to waste my time. But boy am I glad I went for it. Ever since, I've been hooked on Skyrim because it's just... incredible. Honestly. It has everything I could ever want: dragons, fantasy setting, third-person POV, RPG style, quests to complete, skills to level up. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen I'm already on level 25 because I've been playing almost constantly, that's how much I adore the game. I'm late to the Elder Scrolls bandwagon, I know, and I'm not even sure any more why it took me so long to jump on it.

What did you love in June?


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    1. I'm soooo glad I finally gave it a try! :D

  2. KITTEHS!!!!!!! Hehe, I hope you enjoyed the cat café - I'm officially jealous ;P <3


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