Letting A Friend Chose My Next Reads

Friday 10 August 2018

Ever wondered what happens when you give control of your bookshelves over to someone else? I know I have, which is why I let my friend Jemima pick my next three reads...

I really love the 'n picks my TBR' videos and blog posts that seem to be really popular lately, but being an only child with a busy parent (who doesn't share the same reading taste as me, so would no doubt struggle picking books that sound interesting) and no local friends, it's a bit of a challenge to sit down and say 'look at all of my books and pick some I should read'. Therefore, I've improvised.

I chose nine books in three categories I'd like to read from soon - fantasy, Cat Clarke, and non-fiction - and asked Jemima to pick one from each group and share the (amazing coherent and in-depth) reasoning behind her choices.

The Tiger and the Wolf because pretty gold also without knowing anything about them, I feel like they are all high fantasy and ew but animals lol

I've been in the mood for fantasy for the last few months now, but all the fantasy books are so big I haven't really wanted to commit to them, so having someone to hold me accountable will be a big help. I'm really glad she went for The Tiger and the Wolf because I'm hesitant to pick up Runelight after finding Runemarks mediocre (though I do need to get to it at some point before I forget everything) and it's considerably shorter than Magician.

The Lost and the Found: Yellow, bright. probably appealing to the eye idk what else to say lmao

If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel you might have noticed how much I loved Girlhood by Cat Clarke. Fast forward to July and you have me buying three more of her books in quick succession. I'm really pleased Jemima went for The Lost and the Found because it was the first I bought (after Girlhood) and is probably the one I'm most looking forward to thanks to my friend Jess telling me how much she enjoyed it.

Inconvenient People because victorian, non fiction and I was there when you bought?

Again, another excellent choice from Jemima because I really want to read Inconvenient People. I only bought it last week after I binge-watched the Victorian medical comedy Quacks and reignited my love for both the Victorians and medical non-fiction. It is a bit of a chunk so will probably take me a while to get to finish, but of the three books chosen I think it'll be the one I get to first. Purely because if I don't read it whilst in the mood I'll never get round to it.

Overall, I'm very happy with Jemima's choices and I feel like at this point she really does know me and my reading taste. Which is impressive, as we haven't actually been friends for very long. Hopefully when I finish all three of these I can fully review her choices, but with my current reading speed this could take me a while, so watch this space.

Which books would you have picked for me?


  1. OOh, this is such a great post idea & idea in general! I'm the biggest mood-reader, so I'm unsure how well it would work for me, someone else choosing, but I love this! Also, it was great to read why your friend picked each title lol. The only book from here that I've read was Torn, and I really loved that - I liked it more than Girlhood, tbh. The Lost and the Found is on my to-read list. Btw, I adore these covers of Cat Clarke's novels!

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. I am too, but I'm also in a big slump at the minute and while I know which genres I feel like I just... can't decide! Ooh, that's good to hear about Torn! It seems Cat Clarke is just fantastic all around then haha.

  2. i really like how the three fantasy ones matched each other so nicely in the photo.

    i hope you enjoy the books she picked out for you :)

    1. Haha, I didn't even realise that until you pointed it out!

      Thanks, hope I enjoy them too :)


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