Creative Blogger Award

Friday 22 May 2015

Thanks to the lovely Freya over at The Sound of a Voice, I've been nominated to the Creative Blogger Award. The rules of this award are as follows:

Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify them via their social media
Thank and link back to the blog that nominated you
Share 5 facts about yourself
Pass the rules on to the nominees

I don't think I'll personally be nominating anyone, as it seems that a lot of people have already done this award. Of course, if you happen to read this post and feel like taking part, than consider yourself tagged by me! I'd love to read any responses because it's always nice to learn more about the people behind the blogs.

5 facts about me

1. I am the living embodiment of the phrase as blind as a bat. No kidding. If I take my glasses off I can barely see three feet in front of my nose. And even with my glasses on, I'm not very good at making things in the distance out.

2. Some of my favourite scents include home made biscuits, wet paint, fresh exercise books, and leather. However, I'm not a fan of flowers, fresh cut grass, or petrol. 

3. I have no idea what I want to do as far as careers go. There are several occupations - vet, mental health nurse, health care assistant, psychiatrist, forensic investigator - floating about, but the thought of university makes me wrinkle my nose in distaste. 

4. I'd love to work at Waterstones. I'm not keen on work - and retail is not fun at all - but it doesn't matter which store I go in, I always end up enjoying myself. It's just a shame I don't live closer to my nearest store.

5. I am inherently honest. Okay, I tell little white lies when it comes to things like birthdays, Christmas, and surprises, but about everything else I can't help but be truthful about. I can't help it. If someone asks for my opinion, or asks what I did throughout the day, I'm honest about it. 


  1. I cannot see without my glasses as well! When people try them on they always say that my glasses give them a headache because the prescription is so high lol! I also cannot tell lies, I always feel guilty and fess up.

    1. I get that a lot too! As well as 'you look so different without your glasses'.


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