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Friday 5 February 2016

I was recently contacted by Ryan from the team at Invaluable - an auction site that features art, jewellery, rare books, and other collectibles - to put together my dream literary collection. After browsing the books on the site, I compiled my list.

Clothbound A Game of Thrones
While I already own two copies of all the published A Song of Ice and Fire novels, none of them are quite as pretty as this collector's edition. When I found out about it I scoured the net looking for a copy, only to find it sold out or available as a used copy - usually well out of my price range. 

First edition Misery
Misery is one of my favourite Stephen King books, and also one of the first ones I read. I like the cover of the edition I already own, but the first edition cover is so fitting to the story. The ominous shadow, the title written in what looks like blood, and Paul being so small. So many elements are incorporated in a way that draws you in. 

Leatherbound Stephen King collection
Now, I have already read The Shining and Carrie, but I only own The Shining. I also have a little collection of leatherbound books that I'm slowly trying to turn in to a big collection - they aren't cheap and I'm not overly interested in the classics. This little gem would be the perfect addition to my leatherbound and my Stephen King collections.

The Walking Dead issue one
I've never collected comics by the issue, purely because I don't have a local comic book shop and it's always been easier to order volumes online. While the graphic novels I have are great, I wish they all included the covers of the collected issues. There are so many Walking Dead covers that I've missed out on, and the issue one cover is very different to the volume one cover.


  1. I'm lusting after the clothbound A Song of Ice and Fire collection too! And I would kill for first edition Stephen King books especially The Shining as that was my favorite King work.

    This is such a cool post! May I use it for my own blog? I'll make sure to credit you! :)

    1. Isn't it just so gorgeous?! I'd love to meet Stephen King and get one of my books signed by him, too.

      It was actually the idea of the team at invaluable.com and they got in touch to see if I'd be interested in taking part. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you did your own post on it though!


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