Sherlock 102: The Blind Banker

Sunday 8 January 2017

An old friend reaches out to Sherlock after an unexplained security breach. What unfolds when Sherlock and Watson begin to investigate is more than they expected.

I didn't find this second episode to be as gripping as the pilot, but then it wouldn't necessarily have to be. It doesn't have the same job of hooking viewers and we're a little more comfortable and acquainted with the characters. It was still a thrilling mystery on it's own, but after the suicides that were actually murders in the first episode, this is... boring.

While it may have had a boring crime, other things did seem improved. Sarah, for one, was a much better female character. She actually seemed to have a personality and wasn't fawning or mooning over Sherlock. Okay so she wasn't on the same level as Daenerys or Katniss, but I think she's the best we can expect from Sherlock. Sherlock, as well, seemed a little better. Still an ass, but not as big of one as previously. He actually showed some human emotion and care at the end of the episode, which surprised me.

There was still plenty of humour throughout and I enjoyed it as it offers a counterbalance to the seriousness of all the death and crime. Some of it leans more towards sarcasm, but there's nothing better than dry British humour, if you ask me. Sherlock and Watson in particular have some snappy banter, but I still can't help but wonder why Watson puts up and goes along with Sherlock. A few other questions were raised, as well. Why is none of this crime simple? Where are all the guns coming from? The black market? Or are guns in England easier to get hold of than I thought?

Despite this again being a strong episode, there were a few times when it was predictable and I guessed things way before Sherlock did - and he's a genius who's always on the ball so it felt a bit... fake. I don't know. The ending tried to be mysterious - and it was in the way it sets up for future episodes - but I'm almost certain the M stood for Moriarty. It wasn't that hard to work out.

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