The Perfect Day In

Friday 13 January 2017

I was recently contacted the team at Leesa - the company behind the best foam mattress - and challenged to come up with my perfect day (or night) in. Seeing as how I'm a self-proclaimed introvert who's loath to leave her bed, this was the perfect opportunity for me to share how I keep comfortable.

With England currently being in the heart of winter, the weather hasn't been at all pleasant lately. The snow we have had hasn't stuck (yet), but there's been plenty of rain and biting wind that's the perfect excuse to stay tucked up inside. There are four key elements to having the perfect day in - whether you don't want to go out or can't go out - that can, of course, be adapted to suit everyone's needs.

On my lazy days, I usually construct a mountain of pillows on top of my mattress and nestle myself in and cover myself in a blanket. Sometimes two, or a blanket and my duvet if I'm particularly cold or feeling unwell. Feel free to grab any other cushions or support you need as well, because of course you have to be comfortable if you're spending a day in!

Before I get too cosy, I'll make sure to have a drink and a snack on hand. My go-to drink is salted caramel green tea, and I'll usually have a glass of water on hand as well. As for snacks, I'll grab a packet of crisps or biscuits to keep my going on my journey to ultimate comfort. However, I'm not opposed to eating entire meals from my bed either, as there are some days when you just don't want to sit at a table.

While I am an advocate for taking time off to just chill, I do still like to something on my lazy days. Usually, I'll pick up a book and curl up with it, in the hopes of finishing it in one go - which bookworm wouldn't?! If I don't, though, I'll grab my laptop and type up any ideas I have for blog posts, or read notes for my A-Levels, as I study from home. Of course, there are those days where my brain just refuses to engage and so I'll put Netflix or YouTube on - but these days are just as important as those spent being productive!

I can guarantee that if I'm in bed - especially if I have a blanket tucked around me - I'll be joined by a cat. Usually Mysha, as she just cannot resist a cuddle and a snuggle under the covers. I don't always welcome her company (because she's not the best helper!) but it is nice to have a purring hot water bottle on your stomach or keeping your feet warm. For the most part, though, I spend my days in alone as that's what I'm used to and what I prefer. Friends and family members are an option though, as it can be nice to just sit and watch a film with someone else, or work together on something.

How do you stay cosy on days in?


  1. I think I do every single thing that you do! Except replace the cat with a dog, and that's pretty much my lazy day!

    1. Sounds like you've got it down to a fine art then! :P


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