How To Have a Movie Night

Friday 23 June 2017

I think we can all agree that, sometimes, a movie night is just what you need. The team at Pure Flix, a family-friendly video-streaming service, were interested to know how I create the perfect movie night, so of course I'm sharing my tips. And the best part is: Pure Flix are also offering a free one month trial for you to have your own movie night.

You can't have a movie night without a movie. Or two, or three. I personally like to try and squeeze a few films into my evenings, so I'll either pick ones that are part of a series or work my way through a few titles on a specific actor's filmography. My favourites are all action packed, but I do enjoy them to also have a bit of humour to lighten the mood sometimes. The Avengers and Pirates of the Caribbean both have plenty of funny moments, so are perfect for a more laid back movie night. If however, I want a more intense, suspenseful evening (but not one that will leave me with nightmares!) I'll go for a film that has a serious undertone, such as The Maze Runner.

 A good night in is also never complete without its key components: a blanket, comfy PJs, and a hot drink. I don't think there's anything better than curling up in bed or on the sofa - especially on a rainy evening - with a soft blanket wrapped around you and a steaming cup in your hands as you watch a film. There's such a cosy, personal feel of a movie night that you can never get at the cinema, so why wouldn't you go all out to reach ultimate comfort?!

I also like to get a snack or two ready before I get engrossed. Usually, this is just a pack of crisps or biscuits, but sometimes I'll get a tub of ice cream or some popcorn. I'm not one for cooking, so my snacks are quick and convenient, but it can be fun to make homemade pizzas or cupcakes beforehand and turn your movie night into an all day event.

And finally, once the film is over, I like to reflect on what I've just watched by making a few notes, ticking it off my 'must watch' list, and sometimes even writing up a review for it. It can be really helpful to gather your thoughts if the subject matter was particularly insightful, to jot down anything you didn't understand for future research, or even just remind yourself of a particularly talented actor you'd like to watch more of. Talking about it can really help you get your head around it and - of course - it gets more people interested in the film. And that's never a bad thing.

What do you do on a movie night?


  1. I love a good move night :) for me it involves re watching a classic that I could never get tried of. I tend to rewatch faves more than watching new movies to be honest.

    1. I'm the same, Emily, unless I'm on Netflix :P I have soooo many films on my list there that I can't afford to rewatch my faves if I ever want to get through them all!


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