25 Things in My Room

Friday 16 March 2018

After seeing Rebecca talk about this tag on Twitter I thought why not give it a go? It's a bit of fun that also lets you have a bit of a nosy into my life.

1. A pink fluffy rug
That was initially meant to be for the hall, but turned out to be much smaller than anticipated so ended up in my room

2. An Avengers blanket
A combination of two of my favourite things: Marvel and being cosy

3. An impractical bin that has holes in
When buying a bin for your bedroom, go for one that's practical, not one that just looks cool

4. A cat bowl
This is what happens when you have a multi-cat household but one is on a diet, you feed them in strange places

5. A laundry basket
That doesn't actually belong there
6. A tealight holder shaped like a ghost
That was way bigger than expected and I keep out year round

7. Ghost shaped fairy lights
Apparently I just really like ghosts?

8. My backpack
Because I have to keep my uni stuff somewhere

9. Two boxes full of candles
You think that's a lot but it doesn't take all the jars into consideration

10. A vase full of twigs
For the #aesthetic
11. A stack of empty Funko Pop boxes
At this point it's a game of jenga on top of my bookcase

12. A Marvel calendar
To match the blanket

13. Mysha
At this point my bedroom is actually her bedroom

14. Postcards from friends
I like to display the fact that I do have friends

15. A lanyard covered in badges
Because I never know what to do with them
16. A jewellery box that only has earrings in
I just.... love earrings

17. Half a packet of ginger biscuits
Who doesn't keep snacks in their room?

18. A jar of bookmarks
An essential, for a reader, and my favourite part of starting a new book is choosing which bookmark to use

19. Harry Potter prophecy orb
Despite my obsession with the series fading I still display this because it's so damn cool

20. A stick on phone pocket that has tablets in it
When you have no storage space for the essentials you have to make do, and this turned out to be the perfect solution
21. A herd of zebras
Before my book hoarding days I hoarded zebras

22. A pile of coat hangers
Hanging them in the wardrobe as opposed to shoving them on top makes too much sense, apparently

23. A Christmas snow globe
That has been out for the past two years and still hasn't been put away with the rest of the decorations

24. Matches
For all the candles

25. Books
What's in your room?


  1. I love your vase of twigs. Aesthetic is everything!

    1. Thanks! They look especially nice at night, I think, as I've also wound some fairy lights into them :)

  2. hahaha I loved reading this. All the reasons why you had things. For the *aesthetic* haha

    1. The funny thing is: I've yet to use my aesthetic vase of twigs for aesthetic insta pictures


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