What I've Been Watching: March

Friday 30 March 2018

My reading still wasn't great in March, but my TV watching? Off the charts.

Grey's Anatomy
Is it really a surprise to see Grey's on this list? No. But what may be a surprise is the fact that I finished season ten and just... stopped. Not for good, I promise! But after bingeing ten seasons of the same show back to back for two months... I needed a little variety. I still very much love this show, but all but one of my favourite characters are now gone, we're still heavily embroiled in Meredith's personal life (which has just got even more ridiculous, believe it or not), and there are a lot of other shows I'd like to watch. I think once I've finished my last uni assignment I'll come back to Grey Sloan Memorial, but until then I'll continue to be distracted by other shows.

I Am Innocent
One of my absolute favourite true crime shows on Netflix is Britain's Darkest Taboos, a show that focuses on laying out the details of horrifically violent crimes, whilst still managing to be extremely sensitive towards the victims and their families. There's no adoration for the criminals, and the psychologists involved never fail to draw me towards the more forensic side of the field, even with how deep my claws are in the clinical side. So, naturally, I'm always on the hunt for more fantastic true crime shows. I only watched a few episodes of I Am Innocent this month, but from what I saw I'm pretty confident this will rank in my top ten.

Girls Incarcerated
Following in the true crime vein, I decided to give Girls Incarcerated a go and I am so glad I did. I wasn't expecting to feel for the girls as much as I did, as I'm very much of the opinion that criminals belong behind bars and nothing more, but this show started to change that. Learning their backstories and seeing the environments they came from, it doesn't come as a shock to see the girls in prison, but it makes your heart ache for them. No kid deserves to go through the things they did, and of course going back to it will only exacerbate the problems. Girls Incarcerated didn't completely crack me, but it gave me some serious food for thought. And it's a really good insight into how juvenile correctional facilities are run - or at least, how they should be run.

The Rezort
I also decided to make a dent in all the zombie films I've added to my list but I... didn't get very far. This seemed light hearted enough and it was - not scary, typical of the zombie genre, full of action - I just... got bored. And I don't even blame the film, I just don't have the attention span to sit through a two hour film. Ten hours of the same TV show, though? No problem. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Jessica Jones
When this finally dropped on Netflix I was dying to watch it. However, I also had a tricky essay that needed writing and was seriously lacking the motivation to get it done. Enter Jessica Jones as the carrot dangling in front of me. For every 100 words I wrote I got to watch an episode, and this little trick worked on me. I finished the essay, I just.... didn't finish watching. But I will, because god damn this show. Just like the first season, it's gritty and shrouded in just enough mystery and noir that turns you into a PI yourself. I think part of the reason I only got half way through this is because I don't want it to end. But rest assured that it will get finished ASAP.

Zoo is perhaps one of the oddest shows I've ever come across but it instantly became a new favourite. Following a group of scientists, spies, safari guides, and journalists, Zoo focuses on the global problem of animals becoming hyper aggressive and turning on humans. It's a fascinating take on the dystopian genre, but the scare factor was lost on me because the animals are just so precious. Each episode tackles a different species and the crew are constantly jetting all over the world - in the first season alone we see Botswana, Los Angeles, Paris, Brazil, Antarctica, Slovenia - something you rarely see in dystopia. It can be a tad confusing at times, but the characters are likeable enough and there's enough action and suspense to make the poorly explained science worth it.

How to Get Away With Murder
Last year I gave this a chance and absolutely flew through all the twists and turns, and then proceeded to get my mum hooked on it too. (Not a difficult task, seeing as how she only ever reads or watches crime/police/detective/law thrillers.) We finally sat down to watch season three and oh boy. Oh. Boy. I really can't say much about it because it's such a complex show and I'm still trying to process my thoughts on it, but it was an intense watch. And even though I knew all the major plot points I was still caught off guard and surprised. I'm really interested to see what happens in season four, as I really didn't expect the reveal at the end of season three.

What did you watch in March?


  1. Glad you’re loving Grey’s!! It is one of my favourite shows. I’ve watched it for years and it has really gotten good now.

    1. I can't believe it took me so long to give it a chance! I've heard a lot of good things about season 14, so I'll have to carry on soon :)


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