Jason and Medea by Apollonius of Rhodes

Monday 12 June 2017

'The Argonauts were terrified at the sight. But Jason planting his feet apart stood to receive them, as a reef in the sea confronts the tossing billows in a gale.' 

The tragic, epic love affair that allowed Jason to get the Golden Fleece.

I only have the most basic knowledge of the Golden Fleece, and even less of Jason and the Argonauts, despite calling myself a lover of Greek myths. This little black classic, however, sufficiently filled me in and made me want to read more about the journey Jason took.

Despite being a centuries old text, it translated into a very easy read. Of course, I can't vouch for how accurate the translation is, but I got through it with few problems and found myself able to understand pretty much every word. In this sense, it's a very accessible, easy introduction to ancient Greek literature.

However, I would have preferred more of an introduction to the heroes involved in this part of the story, as you're thrust straight into the heart of it. Of course, if you know the full story this isn't a problem, but when you only really have awareness of Jason it's a little confusing.

Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable little read. Definitely worth giving it a go.


  1. I really want to read this!! I love Greek literature so much, but I've wanted to get into more of the easier ones, ones that aren't a billion pages long. And the story of Jason and the Argonauts has always interested me so I think I'll pick this up!

    1. Go for it! It focused less on the Argonauts and more on Medea, but it's a nice little snippet of the bigger story.

  2. Ha, I'm totally picturing the characters from BBC's Atlantis now!

    1. I just googled that and now I think I really need to watch it :P


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