Popping Cherry (Dexter S1E3)

Sunday 12 February 2017

Dexter is rated 18+ for a reason. While it is a fantastic show, if you're under 18 please watch with caution or ask a parent's permission. It's heavy on murder, blood, swearing, and much more. Know your limits.

Episode three of the first season raises a lot of questions and a few issues. The main thing I noticed was how the rest of the team just... didn't notice. They have a serial killer working with them and they constantly ask his insight into murders and how the killer got away with it. How have none of them realised how easy it is for Dexter to come up with answers? Sure, there's the friendly ribbing of 'you're weird, Dex' but no one ever seems to take a step back and really think. But I guess if they did we wouldn't have much of a show.

My second biggest problem is how LaGuerta constantly looks down on Deb and brushes her ideas aside. You'd think that being the only two women in the homicide department there would be a little solidarity, if not friendship, between them. But no. LaGuerta has to tear down the up and coming young detective, and is generally portrayed as a very vain and selfish person. It's an annoying characterisation, to say the least.

What I did really like though was how we got to see more into Dexter's past. We have a flashback to his first kill that shows us how he created and maintained his ritual, and despite the fact that he's killing someone, it's humorous and makes him seem more human as he doesn't get it right straight off the bat. It's also nice to see that Harry accepted Dexter for who he was and didn't try and tell him he was wrong or disgusting for something he couldn't help. He probably didn't have to enable Dexter's urges to kill, but at least he didn't shun him.

Overall, there's a nice balance between the personal and professional in this episode. It's still very much setting things up for the season - and the series in general - but it's not done in a boring way.

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