TBR Feature #50

Wednesday 19 April 2017

TBR Feature is the chance for me to, every Wednesday, pick one of my unread books and discuss it: why I picked it up, when I'll get round to reading it, if I'm still interested in it at all etc.

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

This was one of those books that I picked up because it was part of the buy one get one half price deal in Waterstones. I gave it a cursory look, deemed it interesting enough, and bought it as I needed something to make A Court of Thorns and Roses half price. I still haven't read either book, but we're just going to talk about this one today.

All I really know about this is that it's a teenage murder mystery and it's supposed to be quite thrilling and have a lot of plot twists. There are some negative reviews for it on Goodreads, but the mystery aspect continues to call to me, regardless.

Apparently, it's very similar to Gone Girl which I also haven't read, but I have read and enjoyed Sharp Objects. If this reminds me of Gillian Flynn's writing then I should like it, as Flynn had me hooked. I do tend to find young adult books to be quite fast paced and action packed, so hopefully I'll be on the edge of my seat whilst reading. If not, I hope it at least makes me think.

Have you read Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls?


  1. I haven't read this one either, but I do remember hearing about it a while ago and I'm pretty sure it's on my TBR list on goodreads, it still sounds interesting though so I'll have to pick it up soon!

    1. I haven't heard anyone else mention picking it up or reading it, so I'd be interested to discuss it once we've both finally read it!

  2. Replies
    1. I managed to resist them today when I was shopping ;)


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