TBR Feature #51

Wednesday 26 April 2017

TBR Feature is the chance for me to, every Wednesday, pick one of my unread books and discuss it: why I picked it up, when I'll get round to reading it, if I'm still interested in it at all etc.

The Queen's Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

After seeing this a lot on booktube and falling in love with the cover I just had to add this to my Christmas list. I mean, it's the start of a young adult fantasy series. And it's purple. I had to.

The synopsis for it is heavy on the betrayal and secrecy going on within the court of Kingfountain, and I love a bit of backstabbing in my fantasy and historical fiction. Not that this is historical fiction, but anything with kings, queens, and courts reminds me of the good old days and I love the drama that surrounds things of that nature. I just hope that when I do pick this up the villains are truly villainous and the good guys have to be sly in order to execute their plans. A lot of the time in young adult fantasy I find that the authors try this and end up failing spectacularly, but I'm hoping this will break that mould.

This is also a fairly short book so I'm hoping I'll race through it with no problems. But it does also raise a few red flags for me. Fantasy, in my opinion, should longer in order to get the most out of the world building and characterisation. Nevertheless, I'm willing to give this the benefit of the doubt in the hopes that it meets my expectations.

Have you read The Queen's Poisoner?


  1. Ha, if you're a sucker for purple covers, try Hollow Pike by Juno Dawson - amazing witchy horror-y YA :)

    1. I need to! I've read Under My Skin and Say Her Name and really enjoyed both so I'll definitely be picking up her other stuff :)


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