February Faves

Friday 23 February 2018

Seeing as how February is the month of Valentine's Day, it felt only right to talk about all the things I loved this month.

Lush's 9 to 5
I'll admit that, despite how much I love bath bombs, I'm not a huge fan of Lush's - I find them to be a little too expensive with poor scent payoff and not silky enough on my skin. Their skincare though... Boy do I love it. For a good few years now I've been in love with the Rub, Rub, Rub salt scrub but I'd never tried anything else. And then I ran out of micellar water and wanted to switch to a cruelty free brand. Enter 9 to 5, the makeup remover of my dreams. It's smooth, it's delicate, it's only lightly fragranced, it melts away eye makeup like it's nothing, and it's kind to my dry and patchy skin. Seriously give this a chance if you're looking for a new way to remove your makeup.

Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield
This is hands down the best book I've read in 2018 so far. It's utterly heartbreaking and made me so angry yet also so passionate about my future career plans, as I just wanted to help June whilst I was reading. Not for those sensitive to the topic of child abuse, Paper Butterflies follows June before and after an event that both saved and destroyed her, documenting the horrors of her childhood and the hope of her adolescence. It truly is a wonderful book, but I did find the ending to be a little weak and not as interesting as the rest of the book. Nevertheless, it's a new all time favourite and I highly recommend it.

Mustard yellow
This has been a favourite for the past few months now, but with the (supposed) transition to spring this month I've been loving the colour even more. I only have a few mustard pieces in my wardrobe right now but I'm definitely looking to change that with all the spring/summer collections hitting shops. For someone who tends to stick to deeper, more monochromatic colours, yellow is a big leap into the world of colour, but I personally think I pull it off and have had others say the same. So mustard is here to stay.

Grey's Anatomy
After re-watching House, M.D. I suddenly needed all the medical things in my life. What better way to get all the medical things than by finally starting Grey's? The first season was a bit hit or miss for me, but perseverance is key with this show. It gets so much better as it progresses, and the characters grow so much from season to season - hell, you can even see difference in them from episode to episode, sometimes. Of course, it's not a perfect representation of life in a hospital, but it definitely focuses more on the technicalities of things than House, which I find to be much funnier and light-hearted. Still, I've made it to season six in a month, so that says something for how good it is, surely.

Civilization VI
I've had my eye on this game since late 2016 when I first saw a let's play for it on YouTube but it took until this month for me to actually buy it. Why? Because it's bloody expensive, that's why. Steam recently had it on sale for £25, though, so I snatched it up as a reward for my exam results (which, by the way, were pretty good) and have pretty much been playing it non-stop since. The goal of Civ is to basically have your civilisation take over the world before any of the others do, whilst advancing through technologies and trying not to go bankrupt or have war declared on you. It' fun, if you like longer turn-based strategy games, and there are so many ways for the game to play out, boredom will take a long time to set in.

Yankee Candle Pink Sands
Move over Honey Blossom, Lake Sunset, and A Child's Wish, I've found my new spring scent. I chose this candle as part of my Christmas present, passing over my beloved winter fragrance, Snowflake Cookie, in favour of something new and I am so glad I did. This is the perfect light scent for spring with notes of both citrus and vanilla. It's refreshing and doesn't become overpowering when burnt for extended periods, and the wax is a beautiful baby pink that adds to springtime decor.

What did you love in February?


  1. I like Seed by Lisa Heathfield, but haven't read Paper Butterflies yet. I love mustard yellow too, but tbh I love all shades of yellow. It's such a bright and fun color!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. I really recommend Paper Butterflies if you liked Seed, as I thought it was better than Seed! I agree that yellow is so bright and fun - I just don't think I could pull off all the other shades haha

  2. Look at you rockin' the chunky knits! (You need 'em in this weather - brr!)

  3. Welp, now I've gotta try the Lush 9 to 5 product. I love skincare products and trying new ones is a weakness of mine - I just find it hard to figure out what might be good and not!


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