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Friday 9 February 2018

To celebrate the release of his newest book, So... I Met a Werewolf, author Paul McAvoy has put together a blog tour. I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to take part, and so I bring you an interview!

1. What do you find most interesting about werewolves and the myths surrounding them?
I guess I have always loved a good werewolf book or film. I used to watch the old black and white Lon Chaney Junior films when I was a kid (most of you won't know what I'm talking about here!). I then went on to read books like Gary Brandner's The Howling. But one of my all-time favourite films is An American Werewolf in London, with its mixture of horror and dark humour, and awesome special effects. I suppose an interesting thing about werewolves is that they change from a human into an actual beast, and they tend not to have any memory of who they really are, as both man and beast. The perfect split personality. Yet, there is a sadness to the life of a werewolf, it is a curse and it must be quite horrific to know that you can change into a creature capable of taking life. I have tried to deal with this aspect in the new book.

2. Wolves are the classic animals shapeshifters transform into, but were there any other animals you considered?
My series is all about various supernatural beings and I just tend to go alone with my inspiration. I am sure there will be other such creatures that will darken the So I Met  door. I didn't consider other shapeshifters for this, but I do like the idea of maybe writing about a shapeshifter who can change into any form.

3. So... I Met a Werewolf is set in Scotland. What made you pick this setting?
I do go to Scotland quite a lot, climbing mountains with friends and family. it can be quite a desolate place, with mountains and glens literally in the middle of nowhere at times. Where you don't see people for miles and miles. I needed such a place where it would be possible for a werewolf to go unnoticed, feeding on creatures other than humans. You will see why that is the case if you read the book.

4. In this book, the main character Ollie has an accident and is helped by a mysterious girl. What is your biggest source of inspiration for the events that take place in your books?
Ideas and inspiration can come from all over the place for me. My children inspired me to write YA books and it valanced from there on. I can get a lot of inspiration while walking a hill, or just walking my cocker spaniel along the coast where I live, looking out at the Irish Sea. Then again, I might also get inspiration through reading books by such authors as Darren Shan, or Graham Masterton.

5. If you had the chance to become one of the supernatural creatures that you've written about, which would it be and why?
Looking at all my supernatural creatures in the five books, I don't think any would be tempting! I certainly would not like to be a demon or a vampire as they are just ruthless killers on the whole. Werewolves live quite a sad existence, but they only change (usually) once a month. I wouldn't like to be a ghost. I have also written about an alien, not necessarily a supernatural being as such, but that must be quite strange to arrive on a strange planet, unless the planet contained an endless supply of chocolate or red wine... Yes, I'll go for the alien choice...

About the author
Paul McAvoy is the English horror author of the well-received 'So... I Met' series. The Books are So... I Met a Vampire, So... I Met a Demon, So... I Met a Ghost, and So... I Met an Alien. In 2018, So... I Met a Werewolf will be released.

All books are available in paperback and Kindle and available from Amazon, just search Paul McAvoy.

His short fiction has appeared in over twenty magazines and e-zines.

He has two adult collections of short stories, which have previously been published in magazines and online. The first is Cold Skies and just released is From Beyond the Veil, which also features five stories written especially for the collection. These collections are available in Kindle.

He is currently working on So... I Met a Werewolf, a dystopian fantasy and a screenplay.

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