Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Things About Blogging

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly topic created by gingerreadslainey over on Youtube. There's a Goodreads group here, where you can sign up and take part each week.

This week's topic is out favourite things about blogging, or booktubing for those taking part on YouTube rather than on a blog. It was quite easy for me to come up with my top five, but giving reasons was a bit more tricky so please excuse any ramblings.

Seeing other opinions
I really enjoy seeing what people think about things. It's probably one of the main things that drew me to blogging and reviewing. Finding out what other people thought about something I'm familiar with is fun for me. I especially love it when someone loves something I didn't enjoy, or hates something I did. A bit odd, I know; you'd think it'd make me angry. While there is the initial 'how?!' at seeing differing opinions, I like to know what people liked and disliked. I enjoy seeing controversy over things. (Polite controversy, not drama.)

Finding book recommendations
Another thing that drew me to reviewing was the chance of finding and suggesting new books to read. I like seeing what other people have been reading to get ideas for what I'd like to read. Even though I don't need any more books on my TBR right now... I also really like seeing reviews for books I'm already interested in from bloggers whose opinions I trust. Seeing a good review coming from someone who has the same taste as I do and who I generally find to spot on in their judgments can really cement a book for me. 

Sharing my photos
I never really know what to do with my photos after I've taken them, other than upload them onto my laptop. I'd like to get some of my favourites printed and put into a proper portfolio, but as much as I talk about doing that I never actually do. I'm hesitant about sharing them on Facebook because people either a) don't care, or b) think it's silly. Or at least in my head those are the only two outcomes. But sharing things on my blog is different. I get actual feedback on my images, and just the feeling of sharing something I'm proud of.

The community
The blogging community, to me, comes across as so nice and laid back. People are so accepting of posts, even if they have differing opinions or the content may not be to their taste. I haven't seen any plainly nasty comments, and I certainly haven't received any. As opposed to some other communities (I'm looking at Facebook and Youtube here...) it's such a nice place to share content. Even if people don't always comment, I still get a good feeling of community from every view I get. The fact that someone took the time out of their day to read my ramblings is incredible.

Having a space to call my own
I think this is probably a lot of people's favourite thing, whether it makes it onto their Top 5 Wednesday list or not. There is nothing better than having your own little space online to share what you want, what you like. You don't have to listen to anyone else (unless, of course, you're looking for suggestions on what to include and like constructive criticism) and as long as you're being polite and respectful, there's not a whole lot other people can do to tell you otherwise. You're totally in control of things and you can create whatever kind of space you want.

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