TBR Feature #28

Wednesday 16 November 2016

TBR Feature is the chance for me to, every Wednesday, pick one of my unread books and discuss it: why I picked it up, when I'll get round to reading it, if I'm still interested in it at all etc.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Unlike many of the books on my TBR, I can remember exactly when I bought this book and why I haven't picked it up yet. Amazon had a three for £10 deal on paperbacks after Christmas in 2014. I haven't read it yet because I'm scared to.

You're probably wondering why, as this is probably one of the least scary books there is. It's a contemporary aimed at older children and younger teens, what could possibly be putting me off?! At the risk of sounding like a heartless, judgmental, bad person, I'll tell you: I'm never sure how to deal with physical disabilities.

Please don't jump to the conclusion that I recoil in disgust and am discriminatory to disabled people, because that is not the case at all. I am lucky enough to be in a position where the people around me are all able bodied, and I'm able bodied myself. I have nothing against people who aren't, I just... Don't know how to process these things. I really struggle seeing people in wheelchairs, or missing limbs, and I can't watch things like the Paralympics.

If you're wondering what any of that has to do with this book, the main character has a facial deformity that has stopped him going to school for the first few years of his life. Hopefully, reading Wonder will change this about me and I'll be able to see August's condition for what it is: a part of him.

Have you read Wonder?


  1. OMG this book is literally perfection! I totally get your hesitation, but trust me I didn't know much about physical conditions before going into this as well and I learnt so much!

    1. I hope I enjoy it then! I've heard sooo much good stuff that it seems silly I haven't got to it yet :/

  2. I loved this book - hopefully it will help you get over the whole 'not knowing how to deal' thing, honestly the best way to get over an uncomfortableness with physical disability is by exposing yourself to it

    1. You're exactly right, and I'm hoping this will be the right place to start.


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