TBR Feature #29

Wednesday 23 November 2016

TBR Feature is the chance for me to, every Wednesday, pick one of my unread books and discuss it: why I picked it up, when I'll get round to reading it, if I'm still interested in it at all etc.

The Stand by Stephen King

I've mentioned before that one of my long term goals is to read all of Stephen King's works. I've made some headway but I still have many books to go. The Stand is one of his longer novels - this edition comes in at 1,007 pages, making it the second largest King book I own and have yet to read.

Now, I'm not totally put off by the amount of pages (I've read Insomnia and Needful Things which both come in at over 900 pages) and I'm actually looking forward to the content. An apocalypse brought on by biological warfare? Yes please. The only reason I haven't got to this yet is purely because I didn't get my hands on a copy until recently.

I've seen this in Waterstones every time I've been in, and it's not like it's hard to get hold of, it's just bloody expensive when I do find it. Luckily, my nan pointed me in the direction of a charity shop with a massive Stephen King selection and I managed to pick up The Stand and four others for the grand total of £1.50, and they were all in pretty good condition. Compare that with the £11 I'd have to fork out for a new, paperback, uncut edition and I'd say I got a very good deal.

Have you read The Stand?

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