Changes are Coming

Friday 30 December 2016

Winter is here. Changes are coming.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I've been talking about a few new things I'd like to implement on the blog come the New Year. (And if you don't follow me on Twitter then you really should.) Don't worry, nothing drastic will happen. I'm not deleting my blog or getting rid of anything, I'm just adding a few things that have been swimming around my brain for a while now. Think of these as my blogging resolutions.

The main change I want to make regards reviews, and if I fail at everything else I at least want to do this. I'll still be writing and posting them, just hopefully a lot more often. Starting on January 2nd I will be posting a review every single Monday. It sounds a bit ambitious even to me, but the hope is that my reviews will go live soon after a finish a book rather than months after as is the case right now. Review copies will still have priority, but things should overall run much quicker.

I also don't want to limit myself to just books. Yes, I am primarily a book blogger, but I also watch a lot of films and TV shows. Come January, I'll be including reviews for these as well. Don't worry, they'll be interspersed with book reviews so if they aren't your cup of tea you don't have to read them every single week.

Episode recaps
What you will have to read every week - if all goes to plan - is a recap for a single television show episode. I did a few polls on Twitter and people seemed most interested in seeing Game of Thrones, Dexter, and Bates Motel featured, but I also plan on Sherlock, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and many others. There will be a lot of variety, and of course you don't have to read anything that isn't to your taste.

I've never done anything like this before, but people on Twitter wanted to see my thoughts more than a summary of each episode. I plan on doing a mix of both, but any feedback will be greatly appreciated once I get this up and running! The plan is to post a recap every Sunday, but right now I'm unsure if this will be every single Sunday or just every Sunday until I finish a season. For example, a season of Game of Thrones would take ten weeks as there are ten episodes, then I might take a break of a few weeks before featuring a season of Sherlock, which would only take three weeks.

Not so much a change for the blog but for me, but I'm expecting it to have an impact on blogging after September. My plans will essentially double my current blog workload, as I'll be going from two posts a week to four. Currently, this is manageable. I study from home and don't have any work commitments, so most of my time can be put into my blog.

Things may get a little more challenging in the autumn of 2017 as I'm due to start my first year of university (if all goes well!) and I expect the workload will increase dramatically, and I'll also spend a lot of my time commuting. I might even end up with a job. Hopefully, things will be smooth sailing for the first eight months of the year and I'll be able to get a backlog of drafts ready for when I get busy, but I felt it only fair to give this warning. I don't want to quit my blog, but it might have to take a backseat to my education.


  1. It's great you're rethinking your blog, and thinking about what to do next year! I've yet to get around to that...and there's only one more day left of 2016!
    I'm excited to see the episode recaps - TV shows are such a big part of my life! ^_^

    1. I've been planning this for MONTHS, so don't feel bad :P
      I hope my TV recaps go down well - I've got a few ready to go but I'm very unsure on them and whether they're what people expect and want, so I'm hesitant to get more lined up. I hope it's something that I manage to keep up!

  2. Change is good! I'm so looking forward to the new direction for your blog and I can't wait for the new posts!

    1. Thank you, Emily! I just hope I can stick to it haha

  3. It sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned, so that's awesome! If your blog does end up taking a back seat to your education, don't worry about it! The book community will still be here. I don't blog much when school is in session, but on breaks and whatnot people always seem happy to have me back. Good luck with these changes!

    - Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm not opposed to taking a break - the last thing I want is to end up hating my blog :( I'd still keep up to date on twitter though, so it wouldn't be so bad!


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