My Dream Loot Crate

Friday 23 December 2016

The wonderful people at Loot Crate - the nerdy crate subscription service - recently reached out to me and asked what I'd love to have in my dream crate. They're on the hunt for new ideas and would like to know what people would like to receive the most. One lucky person might even end up having their idea turned into a real Loot Crate! Having eyed up some of their previous boxes, I was more than happy to take them up on their offer, and it's because of them that I present you with my idea:

The Heroine Crate

Katniss POP! Vinyl
Katniss Everdeen is easily one of the most iconic young adult dystopian heroines and POP! vinyls are easily one of the most sought after collectibles, especially in subscription boxes. Therefore it only makes sense that I'd combine my love of The Hunger Games and vinyl figures in my dream Loot Crate with ones of Katniss.

Daenerys artwork
I don't think you can have a heroine crate and not include something to do with Daenerys Targaryen herself. She's the mother of dragons, for goodness' sake! She's had some excellent scenes in both the show and the books, so why not show her some love with a piece of art? There are some stunning pieces of art on Etsy - too many to choose from, in fact! - so I picked the top five that I'd be happy to see in my dream Loot Crate. This A3 print from thedesignersnursery; this watercolour from AngelikaRasmusArt; this minimalist print from GeekSpeakPrints; this adorable drawing from missmichellecoffee; and this inky piece from bretweldele.

Marvel heroine comic/issue
Now, I don't have any specific comic in mind, but there are so many awesome female characters in the Marvel universe that I would honestly be happy to receive any comic issue or graphic novel in my dream crate. A few favourites that spring to mind are Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Psylocke, Mystique, Kitty Pryde, and Sif.

Harry Potter candle
I think we can all agree that Harry Potter has some of the best female characters in film. From Hermione to Ginny, Luna, Bellatrix, and even Umbridge - because let's face it: she's a villain everyone loves to hate. I went with the Mrs Weasley's Cookies candle from the Etsy shop PretAGeek, as Mrs Weasley is one of the best mother figures of all time, and who doesn't like the smell of gingerbread?

Michonne's katana keyring
Michonne is easily one of the toughest characters - male or female - on The Walking Dead. Since she saved Andrea and was introduced in season three she's been one of my all time favourite characters, so I'd love to have something to remind me of her. And what better item to do that than a mini katana you can clip to your keys? The Etsy shop PlayBox has a simple katana keychain that's perfect for everyone.

What would be in your dream crate?
Be sure to let the team at Loot Crate know!


  1. I've always wanted to subscribe to a book box service but never really had the budget for it! But I would love to have some of these pieces you mentioned as well!

    1. There have been so many subscription boxes I've wanted, not just a Loot Crate! But they're sooo expensive when you don't have a job :(


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