Recommendations: Colouring Books

Friday 16 December 2016

Adult colouring is quite the trend these days and there are many books to choose from. If you're still looking for Christmas gifts, or maybe just want to treat yourself over the festive period, here are the top three that I'd recommend.

The Time Garden by Daria Song
For more realistic and highly detailed scenes, this is the one to go for. There's a bit of a story that goes along with it, as well as instructions for certain pages, such as 'fill this page with flowers'. Of course, these don't have to be followed, but can be helpful when lacking inspiration.

Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford
A blend of highly detailed and more simplistic, Lost Ocean offers some of the most intricate designs in a sweet, cartoonish style. As with all Basford colouring books, there's a treasure hunt throughout the pages and a surprise at the end. 

Parisian Street Style by ZoĆ© De Las Cases
The least detailed of the three but by no means any less beautiful. The simple outlines allow your creativity to flow freely with no constraints to patterns or textures. Design your own clothes or simply colour the ones already presented to you.


  1. I want the Lost Ocean one so bad! However I did find that I couldn't really get into colouring. Idk it just felt like a chore to me and I never wanted to sit down and do it.

    1. It's so pretty - there are so many pictures in it I'm too afraid to start in case I mess up. Lately, I haven't found much time for colouring either, but I found that doing it whilst watching Netflix was good :)


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